Thursday, 19 May 2011

STEAM Guidebook - 19th May 2011

The updated guidebook

A new edition of the STEAM guidebook has just been launched!  At £4.50 this new edition has a much fresher feel and includes lots of new images.

The guidebook is a great accompaniment to the Museum and tells the unique story of the Great Western Railway whilst guiding you through the displays at STEAM.

We have also included a new set of images within the guidebook.  STEAM worked in conjunction with the HND photography students at Swindon College to produce some of these images.  These range from atmosheric shots of our character figures to some detailed close up shots of objects within the Museum's fabulous collection.  The students produced some great photographs, with 6 individuals lucky enough to have their work included in the guidebook.

The guidebook is an interesting read and the perfect souvenir to take home.  Buy your copy today!

A close up of some GWR uniform buttons.  Taken by former
Swindon College Student, Christine LeHeup -

An atmospheric photograph of the "Typist" character figure taken by
Swindon College Student, Kevin Morrow

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